Allstate Insurance FAQ’s

How to Deal with Allstate Insurance for your Fire Damage Claim

How Does Allstate Define Fire Damage Coverage?

Allstate offers Dwelling Insurance — Fire and Smoke Damage is one of the covered categories. Other categories include Lightning strikes, Windstorms, Hail, Explosion, Vandalism, Theft. Damage caused by the weight of snow, sleet or ice, Falling objects, Damage from an aircraft and Damage from a motor vehicle.

What to Expect from the Claim-Filing Process of a Homeowner’s Claim at Allstate?

Given that knowing what to expect can help make the process a great deal easier to navigate, Allstate breaks its claim-filing process into five steps: File Claim, Investigate Claim, Evaluate Damage, Review Estimate, Wrap up Claim

  1. File Claim
    You can file with your agent, via a toll-free number, via the mobile app, or with the Allstate National Catastrophe Team’s Mobile Claims Center (locations to follow) – you’ll get a claim number to help you track the claim. After the initial filing, you’ll get questions answered, and explanations as to next steps.
  2. Investigate Claim and Talk with Homeowner’s Claim Team Member
    In many cases, Allstate will need to investigate the details of your loss. If this is the case, a claims professional will walk you through the process, ask you some questions to determine the best way to move forward, and answer your questions and concerns.
  3. Evaluate Damage
    Allstate will have a professional adjuster assess the damage and determine what coverage applies. He or she will determine what needs repair and what needs replacement, then provide you an estimate.
  4. Review Estimate with your Adjuster
    Based on your policy and coverage, you’ll discuss the settlement with your claims adjuster. He or she will explain all available coverage and any damage estimates they may have.
  5. Wrap Up Claim
    The claims adjuster will wrap up the evaluation by providing damage estimates plus explanations of any settlements. He or she may send applicable payments and explain any next steps. He or she will also answer any additional questions.

Locations of Allstate National Catastrophe Team Mobile Claims Centers in Northern California

At the Mobile Claims Center (MCC), Allstate customers can meet with catastrophe personnel, get answers to questions, and file their claims.

  • Community Center
    320 N McDowell Blvd
    Petaluma, CA 94954
  • Press Democrat Bldg. (Back lot)
    427 Mendocino Ave
    Santa Rosa, CA 95401
  • Sonoma Fairgrounds
    1350 Bennett Valley Rd
    Santa Rosa, CA 95404
  • Insurance Village
    Finley Park – South Gazebo
    70 Stony Point Road
    Santa Rosa, CA 95401
  • Home Depot
    225 Soscol Avenue
    Napa, CA 94559

Note: location(s) may change in the interest of safety. Operating hours are weekdays, 8 am – 6 pm and weekends, 8 am – 5 pm.

Answers from Allstate on its Most Frequently Asked Questions

1) What should I do immediately following a fire or other catastrophe?

  • Protect yourself and your family. Here is a list of shelters, if you need it: click here to view shelters ready to help those effected by the fires. 
  • Contact your Allstate Insurance Agent
  • Protect your property from potential additional damage. Save your receipts, as most policies reimburse for reasonable/necessary temporary repair costs incurred while trying to protect your covered property from additional damage resulting from a covered loss

2) What if I am unable to live in my home due to fire or other damage?

Some policies allow reimbursement for additional living expenses in the case that your home is unlivable after a covered loss like fire.  Check your policy, or contact your agent to check.

3) How long does it usually take to complete a claim?

This depends on the complexity of your claim, the damages, the availability of contractors, and, issues related to disaster safety.

4) When will someone inspect my damage?

A damage inspection MAY not be necessary. During your discussion with your claim representative, he or she will let you know if you need an inspection or if the loss can be handled by phone. Customers with the greatest damages usually get apppointments scheduled first, but all customers get appointments scheduled as quickly as possible – if that inspection is needed at all.

5) Should I wait until an Allstate adjuster inspects the damage before making any repairs?

Yes, if the claims representative determines that Allstate needs an inspection, you must wait to start the repair process until the inspection has occurred and Allstate has properly assessed all of your covered damages. But, this does not mean that you must wait to begin the process of selecting a contractor. Click here to for our tips on How to Hire a Contractor.

If your property needs attention immediately, you can consider making temporary repairs to prevent any further loss. Most of the Allstate homeowners policies include a provision for reimbursement of necessary and reasonable temporary repair costs attempting to protect your property from new damage as a result of the originally-covered loss. Of course this is subject to a specified limit, so please ask your representative, and also remember to save receipts for these temporary repairs, for potential reimbursement.

6) Do Allstate catastrophe claims team members recommend contractors?

Allstate’s site indicates that its claims team members do not recommend contractors, in order that the homeowner can best-decide how to replace personal property and/or repair damage. Read more on How to Hire a Contractor.

7) How do I check claim status?

Three ways, a) contact your adjuster, b) call 1-800-54-STORM, or c) log in to your Allstate account (if you don’t yet have an account, you can register for one on the web site.

8) What happens if, during the repair process, we find additional damage or issues?

Call your adjuster or call 1-800-54-STORM immediately. The Allstate representative will advise if we need to re-inspect or if we can resolve via phone with your contractor.

9) What happens if I disagree with Allstate’s estimate?

We may have a difference of opinion about an estimate. If this is the case, please call your Allstate team member or call 1-800-54-STORM; we commit to settle claims fairly and we may be able to resolve the difference by phone.

10) How will my personal property claim be settled?

If your Allstate policy covers personal property damages resulting from a covered loss, and your loss does include personal property, prepare for your claims member a full and detailed description of the personal property including information such as manufacturers’ names, model numbers, date, place and price of purchase.

11) I have replacement cost coverage for my personal property reimbursement provision; why does the estimate show depreciation?

The estimate shows a depreciation amount and an actual cash value amount that Allstate is paying you initially; Allstate will make an additional payment to reimburse you, up to the replacement cost noted, for your cost to repair, rebuild or replace the item. Of course this is subject to any applicable laws, and is subject to the policy limits, coverage, conditions and exclusion provisions.

12) When and to whom do I pay my deductible?

You can pay your contractor the amount of the deductible, once repairs are complete, as a portion of the money you’ll owe the contractor. Your estimate will list the full amount of the covered loss, minus your deductible, minus any depreciation, and the dollar amount Allstate will pay you.

13) What is a deductible?

The deductible is an amount of money that, per the terms of your policy, you have agreed to be responsible for in the event of a covered loss. As an example, if the covered loss is $45,000 and your deductible is $5000, Allstate pays $40,000 and you pay the $5000.

14) When should I expect Allstate’s check?

Sometimes the adjuster will be able to provide you with both the estimate and a check at the same time as inspection. If this is the case, you can begin the repair process very quickly. Most of the time, however, we’ll mail a check separately, after the adjuster has performed the inspection and prepared a repair estimate, and Allstate has approved and processed the estimate.

15) Why is my reimbursement check from Allstate made out to my mortgage company?

This is usual, as most mortgage companies require their name to be included on such checks. It is usually a simple process to obtain their endorsement, allowing you to cash or deposit the check, but check with your mortgage company to find out how to do this.

16) After the adjusters have left the catastrophe area, how can I ask questions about my claim or additional damage I may have uncovered?

Call 1-800-54-STORM, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Allstate

Northbrook, Illinois-based Allstate was founded in 1931 by General Robert E. Wood, then Sears, Roebuck & Company’s President and Chairman of the Board, who wanted to start an auto insurance company and offer insurance by mail. Allstate claims to be the nation’s largest publicly-held personal lines insurer. Its purpose is to help customers realize their hopes and dreams by providing them the best products and services to prepare them for their future and protect them from the uncertainties of life.


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