7 TIPS for Homeowners Dealing with Fire Insurance Claims

Posted in Homeowner Fire Claims on November 21, 2017

7 Tips for Homeowners Dealing with Fire Insurance Claims

  1. If your home is a total loss, sit down with friends and family that frequent your home to address all contents that were in each particular room. Ask friends and relatives to get out pictures they may have taken at your home to refresh your memory. It’s important to list each item and place a value on your personal property.
  2. Get a binder and break it up into sections to include contact information, contractor and sub contractor information, bids, bills, permits, receipts, written correspondence, etc.
  3. Document all contact and meetings with your adjustor. Take notes and reiterate all visits via email. Print and keep this documentation in your binder. When an insurance company is involved in a catastrophe situation you may have numerous adjustors and this will allow you to show a new adjustor where you are in the process, and what you may have already agreed upon.
  4. Get additional estimates. There is no downside to getting a second opinion on rebuilding your home.
  5. Discuss policy limits and exclusions. If your Carrier says that your policy doesn’t cover all the damages, or if you think the compensation is too low, ask the adjustor to explain in writing how he or she got to the estimate. The adjustor should also include any reasons for why certain items aren’t covered and whether there are any coverage limits.
  6. If you feel the wording in the policy is misleading, contact an attorney. Courts will often find in favor of the the insured (you) when policy language is ambiguous.
  7. When dealing with an insurance company, especially in catastrophic times, it is best to have the right attorney representing you to insure that your rights are protected. Our California wildfire  attorneys at Estey & Bomberger have years of experience handling fire losses and are able to get you all that you deserve from your insurance company AND the party(s) responsible for the fire.